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B2B-Lösungen: Vom Produkt- zum Lösungsanbieter  

Die zunehmende Digitalisierung bringt große Chancen mit sich, birgt aber Risiken auf allen Märkten. Diese sind am offensichtlichsten auf dem Endkundenmarkt zu finden. Doch auch im Geschäfts- und Industriekundenvertrieb spürt man die Veränderungen stark: Neue Player etablieren sich und sind mit guten Argumenten nur einen Mausklick weit von Ihren Zielkunden […]

B2B Growth Hacking. European Style.

Growth hacking. If you ask CEO´s, marketers or sales persons in Europe there is a really good chance that they do not even know this term. This is true not only for traditional industries like manufacturing or financials but also for IT and high-tech related companies which are commonly regarded […]

Understanding European Mentalities

I am a native Dutch and was raised in the nice old university town of Leiden, about 40 kilometers south of Amsterdam. The Dutch are confident and pragmatic business people with a long trade tradition. The Dutch East India Company which has been established in 1602 was, for two centuries, […]

Time Is Money And Speed Is Key

Local European Teams Right From The Start! Market entry in Europe may be considered quite easy from an outsider point of view: Well, set up a Headquarter in the UK and let things develop. Many US startups with VC backing go that way and lots of them are quite successful. […]