Telemarketing Outbound / Inbound

Complex offerings are best communicated through personalized value propositions, relevant questioning and active listening. Our telemarketing experts act as your ears to the ground in their local markets and your human voices to your target verticals.

They master the entire repertoire of customer communication – in both social media, telephone and email communication. With their know-how to start a value-based conversation and bring commitment into play they always adapt to cultural expectations and requirements in the diverse European market places.

Although their focus is on (cold) outbound prospecting  our telemarketing colleagues also follow up on marketing generated leads like inbound requests or visitors at your booth. Doing so they closely co-operate with both their sales and marketing colleagues thus representing an essential element in developing your prospects through the entire lead funnel.

Our Telemarketing specialists have clear targets against which they perform. Usually their performance is measured by the number of qualified first appointments according to BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Time).

Our customers and industry expertise.

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