Marketing /PR

Marketing, Media Relations and Social Media activities raise your visibility quickly and build up a solid reputation in your key markets. We adjust your go-to-market strategy, your positioning and your key messages to local needs and expectations. Also, we develop a marketing and PR road map in line with your marketing goals and your overall marketing and sales plan. Our lead generation and lead nurturing activities  will be tailored to find an open ear in your target verticals.

Media communication is another important element in the marketing mix: We educate opinion leaders and key influencers on your business, your use cases, and your customers. Introducing executives, spokespersons and technical experts to media and influencers will create confidence  and gives us an opportunity to share market views, to assess technical and business trends and to claim thought leadership for you.

Useful, inspirational and motivational content helps potential clients to better understand their needs and create trust for your brand and your offerings.Conquering Europe develops a content marketing plan based on your possibilities and resources. We localize your website, your sales and marketing collaterals as well as your media and social business media materials. We draft case studies, bylined articles, whitepapers, press releases, blog posts, mailings etc.. We arrange editorial visits and analyst meetings as well as customer events.

Our customers and industry expertise.

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