Sales / Business Development

Our Sales  and Business Development experts are well-known players in their respective fields. They will not only open their networks for you and give you an entrance to Europe best brands. Also, they will proactively expand your customer base in each relevant vertical and European region.

We have sales reps of all kinds, with different experience and very specific market knowledge.  What makes them special is their transparent and co-operative working ethic and their own proven unique style. They know the specifics of their markets and understand what it takes to be successful. They will hunt your target customers on your behalf.

Using consultative selling methods they will establish trust early on in the relationship which will help you build a solid fundament for you European presence.

Our sales and business development pros work in close cooperation with their marketing and outbound team. Having an open ear for the specific requirements they forward the feedback from the market to their marketing and outbound colleagues. The result is a tailor-fit, integrated messaging for your target markets and verticals.

Our customers and industry expertise.

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