We specialize in these core areas:


Networks & Systems: CDN, Cloud Computing, Network Management, SDN, Wireless Networking

Telecom & Wireless: Carrier Relationship Management, Data Center Architecture, RFID, Network Optimisation, Wired/Wireless Infrastructures & Architectures

BI, Analytics, Data Management: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Real-time Analytics/ In Memory

Cloud Computing: Cloud-related enterprise solutions, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Public Cloud, Hosted and Managed Cloud

Cyber Security: Governance, Content and Application Security, System Security, Infrastructure Security

Digital Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility, Social Collaboration, Unified communication & Collaboration (UCC), Digital Transformation

Internet of Things: Industry 4.0, Car IT


We combine sales leadership and excellent coaching capabilities with in-depth industry and market knowledge. Our well-networked senior sales persons open doors to decision making units in your target industries.

Experts from the above areas will set up specialist teams to deliver on your targets. Please ask us for more info.