Conquering Europe is the strategic sales partner for B2B companies seeking to “Enter and Conquer!” the European market.

We help our customers expand into new European markets by delivering the marketing and sales services they need. With our unique Market Entry as a Service model we provide a complete and customized portfolio of expertise: from market research and analysis, strategy, local marketing, business development and sales to local representations.

We draw on 150+ years of experience, deep industry expertise and our vast network of business and personal relationships throughout Europe. Our intelligently integrated and tailor-made services deliver seamless end-to end solutions that enable our customers to gain a long-term impact in their target markets.

Our Professionals

  •  Years of B2B sales management experience in small businesses as well as in Fortune 100/500 companies
  •  Technical savvy and innovation awareness
  •  Knowledge of complex business scenarios
  •  Know how to drive the success and revenue of hi-tech start-ups and pre-IPO companies
  •  An extensive network of C-level and warm connections in the full-spectrum of B2B verticals
  •  A team of native speakers in the full spectrum of European languages
  •  The passion and commitment to growing your European line of business

Our Offices

We have offices in UK (London), Germany (Munich) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and operate over 20 virtual offices throughout EMEA.

We will find your target brands and develop strong and sustainable business partnerships for you.

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